Keith was moved to Polydor Records Nashville and released his next album, Boomtown , in September 1994. Also certified platinum, this album was led off by the number 1 single " Who's That Man ". After it, " Upstairs Downtown " and " You Ain't Much Fun " both made top 10, while " Big Ol' Truck " peaked at number 15. At the end of 1995, he released his first Christmas album, Christmas to Christmas , via Mercury. The album, composed entirely of original songs, produced one chart entry in "Santa I'm Right Here", which reached as high as number 50 based on Christmas airplay. [7]

Modena – October 23, 1996 – Teatro Comunale
Ferrara – October 25, 1996 – Teatro Comunale
Torino – October 28, 1996 – Teatro Regio
Genoa – October 30, 1996 – Teatro Carlo Felice

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Keith Jarrett - Michael White - Europa JazzKeith Jarrett - Michael White - Europa JazzKeith Jarrett - Michael White - Europa JazzKeith Jarrett - Michael White - Europa Jazz