When finally in 1944, the Soviet Union began its move West, an attempt was made to annex Finland a second time, which had nothing to do with beating Hitler who was already beaten. The Americans and British would have allowed it.

When the war was over, the allies agreed that all Soviet citizens should be sent back to the Soviet Union to labor camps to their deaths, at the point of a gun if necessary. Stalin did not want any news about his paradise to be spread around. Thousands were sent back between Finland and the Croatia. This was a great crime against humanity rivalling Stalin's genocide. Read this. In 1945 Roosevelt proudly boasted: "the flag of freedom flies over all of Europe."

May 9, 2005: Marked the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Hitler. Putin described May 9, 1945 as "a day of victory of good over evil, freedom over tyranny." The problem with Russians is they only see the war from their own perspective. If they want to think that this war made their people free, that's fine. But it did not. There was no freedom for their own people, nor the countries they enslaved in Eastern Europe. There was no freedom for the 420,000 Karelians kicked out of their homes as the request of Stalin, and the approval of his Allies.

The Big Three in Yalta

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    The Finn Brothers Amnesty International Press Conference